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Artistic Toy Paves the Future of the Trade Show with the Development of the Interactive Plush Toy

Product receives overwhelming response at American Solutions for Business
Winter Conference in Minneapolis on March 1, 2008

ALLENTOWN, PA, April 16, 2008 – Artistic Toy announces today their partnership with Ego Id to develop and deliver the Interactive Plush Toy™ featuring the Toy Tag™. Representing a new application for Ego Id’s successful brand of Ego Id Tags™ & EgoApps Data Management System™, Artistic Toy introduced their new Interactive Plush Toy ™ at the American Solutions for Business Winter Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The response among the over-600 distributor salespeople and other exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive.

The tags have unique printed codes on them, redeemable for prizes online. The toy is given to a prospect in return for spending one minute collecting a few pieces of contact information. Once online, the prospect is given a no-risk offer that further qualifies them to determine if they are a prospect. The offer is a call to action to see if they would like to move to the next step in building a business relationship with a company or its partners.
Typically, these results are unattainable with a traditional promotional product giveaway.
“The end result is improved company visibility and marketing campaign measurability,” said James Socci, President of Artistic Toy Manufacturing, Inc. “The integration of Tags and Toys along with a creative no-risk offer can ignite a customer’s marketing efforts.

The best part about it is that you now have the tools that enable you to come back to the customer in 3, 6, or 12 months and talk specifically about the results of the marketing campaign.” The Interactive Plush Toy™ generates a buzz that can change the dynamics of a customer conversation very quickly. The tags provide the opportunity to exceed customers’ expectations and provide measurable results in attaining their goals. The tags can also aid in reducing the internal cost of salespeople’s time, external costs of expensive scanning systems, and the promotion of partnerships that may share overall program costs.

Artistic Toy & Ego Id will be exhibiting the Interactive Plush Toy™ in New York at the ASI Show on May 6 – 8, 2008 and again at the ASI Show in Chicago July 22-24, 2008.

About Artistic Toy
Artistic Toy helps our clients build character. Artistic Toy’s line of plush toys out performs all other stuffed toy suppliers because they have the largest variety of in stock items that can be delivered with imprint in less than 15 days or they can build a custom toy prototype from a picture in 24 hours. Our clients always get a high quality, highly buzz-worthy giveaway, and when they use our Create Your Own™ custom toy service, it makes an even bigger impact. Our quality and production processes are all designed to deliver on time and impress clients when they see their stuffed plush toys.

Inspected by Helen™, Artistic Alerts, and the Perfect Match™ Systems are all in place to deliver the best stuffed plush toys for clients. Artistic Toy is distributor-oriented, and offers distributors unmatched sales support to help them close deals, support their clients, and provide sales and marketing tools that provide solutions using plush toys that outperform all other advertising specialty products when it comes to distinguishing your brand, creating a unique identity, and achieving measurable return on investment or objective.

About Ego Id
Ego Id’s patented full color dog tags blend fashion and function representing the highest quality in the industry for this cross over apparel item. Ego Id Tags ™ used in conjunction with the Ego Apps Data Management System, The FotoZap™ event marketing platform or Ego Id’s music delivery platform become a tangible bridge to the client’s on-line assets. This product versatility has made Ego Id the leader in one to one marketing solutions within the promotional products industry.

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